The majority of my work over the past 14 years has been in the Telecoms industry with Vodafone, it is inevitable therefore that all testimonials, so far, will be from Vodafone contacts though this will surely evolve with time.

“Kevin was a trusted partner for Internal Audit and it was a pleasure to work with him. He is one of those unique individuals who would champion and deliver our audit findings – doing what needed to be done without fuss.”
CHRIS JONES, Senior Internal Auditor, Vodafone

“Having worked with Kevin for a period of time in Business Continuity, I can say that he was inspirational to the team. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable in his field of expertise, operates with utmost diligence and has a conscientious work ethic. It was a pleasure to work with Kevin and his approach to seek out “win win” solutions to some very taxing problems was admirable. On a personal note; Kevin is of a very pleasant disposition and genuinely cares about the welfare of others as well as the business as a whole.”

DEREK COOMBES, Business Continuity & Risk Assurance, Vodafone

“Kevin has extensive knowledge of Business Continuity which he uses to great effect. He has the ability to see through to the crux of the issue and to make the right decision. Kevin can effectively communicate with any level within the business. Kevin is great to work for and with and is an excellent mentor. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”
BRUCE CHINERY, System Continuity Authority, Vodafone

“Kevin is an experienced and competent manager in all aspects of Risk and Business Continuity Management. He is fully capable of planning and managing large Business Continuity Management Programmes, providing the Business with robust and resilient solutions, to both its technical and business functions. Kevin ensures all Business Continuity solutions are fully rehearsed to demonstrate they are fit for purpose and that the Business will be prepared for any unplanned event. He is also an excellent speaker on the subject of Risk and Continuity to both internal and external audiences. Kevin is enthusiastic about Business Continuity and is willing to share his knowledge with others – I learnt a lot from him in the years we worked together at Vodafone.”
GRAHAM RAMSEY, Global IT Risk Manager, Vodafone

“Kevin was a great manager to work for. He would empower his employees by allowing them to run with new ideas and approaches while quietly supporting them in the background. The other great thing about Kevin is that he puts all his energy behind what he believes to be the right thing to do and not once did I disagree with Kevin’s interpretation of the right thing.”

MARC ROGERS, CISSP, Technical Threat Intelligence Manager, Vodafone


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